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  • February 2, 2021
Eoin is a 11 yr old Loughrea hurler who was diagnosed with Malignant nongerminomatous germ cell tumour
(Pituitary gland tumor)Eoin has already gone through an operation on his brain to reduce the fluid build .So far Eoin has done  four rounds of chemo each been a week long. Eoin was supposed to be going to Germany for proton radiotherapy but because of the covid crisis in Germany they won’t take patients from Ireland as of right now . The family are hoping that they can get into American or Switzerland for the treatment now instead . Radiotherapy here in Ireland is very good but they can’t keep the side effects to a minimum, unlike Germany, America or Switzerland .
The Radiotherapy will be for six weeks and our club wishes to help raise monies to help the family with the costs involved and are asking our members and the wider community to help out by donating whatever you can afford  to this very worthy cause. Eoin’s page is:
Thank you all.