Who will make your team?

  • April 19, 2020


Credit to Kenny Pollington.


Everyone join in the fun.

In these times we find people asking us to put up our favourite this and favourite that, so i thought I’d throw something out there among the sports fraternity of connemara, I decided to post my all time great connemara rugby team, now I must stress this is just my opinion, and I’m sure other folk will differ completely, hopefully they will share there opinions, I am confining my choices to connemara residents, ie, no overseas players or temporary blowins, my criteria for making my team is performance dedication and the quality that difines probably all connemara teams, spirit, fire in the belly, let me also say before I start, while I can go back to the very start of the club, the present team which has been so successful over the last few years are at a disadvantage, as I have only seen them on a few occasions, ok enough chit chat, 15 players, and let’s do 7 subs, we’ll start at full back, imeadiatly for me names like Michael John Ferions and Noel o Toole, come to mind, but when all is said and done one man stands above the rest, Fullback Henry o Toole, my wingers took a bit more thought, but in the end I picked the two men I’d want on my team, strong in defence an always an eye for that white line, Alan Keogh, and Peter oToole, so to the midfield, my two centers are James Conroy, and PJ Bourke, one a pocket rocket, who’s size belied his gile and power, the other could have been a star in any sport, he had it all, many great players graced the number 10 Jersey over the years, but for me none of them provided the level of excellence in all areas as my number 10,Mark Foyle, power, self belief, and a hunger for success, scrum half has given us some our great characters , Keogh, O Toole, and Roche, to mention a few, but going back to the early days of the club, we find the name Hugh Coyle, he is my number 9, Let’s go to the front row, now I know I said connemara residents only, but considering he came here a bit wet behind the ears, settled here, married and raised his family here, I’m starting my front row with Fergal Wood, probably ahead of his time, if he came along 20years later I’m sure he would have been absorbed into the munster system, he was that good, the other side, well he could be still playing if it weren’t for the politics, it has to be the one and only Gerry King, if both those were teak tough, I’m putting a piece of granite between them, the best hooker I ever seen playing junior rugby in Connaught Ciaran Cannavan, now the big men of the second row, quite a few to concider, Sullivan, Bourke, Madden, my two are, Pat King and Kevin Keogh, good ball handlers, hard as nails, the two minders of my team, and a perfect combination, if you played against these two, and you came off after the match, with a black eye, broke nose, you knew scrapper done it! If you came of missing a toe nail or a testicle it was probably Kevin, and so to the back row, first of let complete our third set of brothers, with a man whose an automatic choice for me Marty Bourke, don’t think I ever seen him play a poor game, Mr consistency, my number 8, again goes back a bit, played in a few positions, but playing at number 8, and breaking of the back of the scrum, he was a one man recking ball, Christy Heanue, another minder, to complet the back row, I have for me the best player ever to pull on the famous black Jersey, everything about his game is what great about connemara, also my captain Bernard Keaney, so there you have it, my team, I’ll list the subs without comment, didn’t concider because didn’t play enough, people like Jojo, joey toole and a few others, so let’s see what people think, please comment and put up your own teams, subs, Tommy Coyne (moyard) Brendan Mullen, Noel Walsh Jimmy O Toole, Joe Crean, Pat O Neill Stephen Flaherty, to those mentioned who have passed away you will always be remembered in the connemara rugby family, Rip.