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  1. matiu Says:

    All the best for the season lads! Any Connemarra locals ova for the World Cup? I’l be at the game on Sunday with my Connemarra Jerseay on.
    Matty Clutterbuck

  2. SiteAdmin Says:

    Best of luck to all in Connemara RFC for the coming season!

  3. Says:

    seems to be a communication problem with his usual pilot. maybe the whiskey is to dear in the recession.

  4. roscrealassie Says:

    Didn’t see the bullockeen in Griffins after the match. Did the Lettergesh bus leave early?

  5. Says:

    looking forward to the new season .best of luck to the team for 2009/2010 season.
    looking forward to a few good evenings in griffins

  6. Tracey Says:

    We are from Dublin and members of St. Mary’s RFC. Looking forward to seeing the match in Monastery Field on St. Stephen’s Day and meeting players afterwards at EJ Kings.
    Shane Tracey

  7. SiteAdmin Says:

    Thanks for your input Bud! Due to some technical and other issues I was unable to update website recently. We are always looking for news, photos etc, feel free to email them to . All help with keeping the website updated is welcome, your IP address is local, fancy coming on board?
    The website will be fully updated within approx 2 weeks.

  8. Bud Kilmer Says:

    its a pity that the site is not keeping up to date with results, picture etc,its seems much easier to keep up to date with results thorugh the connaught website or rob murphys site, also seems that pictures from the various clubhouses around the league seem to warrant more coverage than the action on the field,
    I first found this site fun and informative now it just seems that whoever is in charge of keeping it up to date has either lost interest or is snowed under or has too much other things to do.
    i think maybe a a new addition to the website could be for people to post in old photos of old teams, i know past players and people who are all over the world who might have played in years gone by can then relate to what shappening at the club now

  9. Says:

    Hello Burkey08 A good start to the season i agree
    I think Ollie slowed down a bit just to make Bernard look a bit faster

  10. burkey08 Says:

    congrads on the last two results, keep up the hard work and it will continue to pay off. tomas playing at 7 easier for him to get to the wing. bernard a great choice as captain, i hear ollie giving away less penalties,is he playing less? or has he lost his pace.

  11. Says:

    hard luck on saturday
    i am looking for two backing singers and a brush dancer for the next home game in ejs
    come on the blacks

  12. matiu Says:

    Good luck for da season boyz, hope all is well with you all,

  13. the hammer Says:

    Just found the website,nice to see the rugby is still going strong.Any of the old team-mates know where to contact me good luck

  14. luciano Says:

    hi there just wanted to say that tag was excellent on saturday.would be great if we could set up another day during the summer.It would be a great fundraising day

  15. SiteAdmin Says:

    Hello Mazinga and welcome to the website.
    Senior Rugby Season has just finished – Connemara finishing in 5th place on the League table.

    …..on another matter…..Following several emails asking me “Where is” I have since been informed that Bullockeen is in the process of recording and releasing a Club Anthem and is also hoping to join the website team for the 08-09 season as ‘Social Scene Reporter’.

    All vacancies will be advertised over the Summer months 😉

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